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Top tips to guarantee a stress free date

Hoorah, you’ve got a date... what next?

Well done, you’ve made an impression online and bagged yourself a date. Job done or is it? With a bit of planning and forward thinking it’s easy to make sure your date goes well from start to finish.

Follow our top tips to make sure your date is stress free, interesting and the most fun it can be!

Get the details, all the details... don’t assume anything

Make sure you know the venue, the time you need to be there and how you plan to travel. Don’t assume anything and make it easier for yourself by using the technology on your phone to help you. Save the venue in your maps, plan the travel route and then add buffer time.

For extra reassurance check it out in person but definitely online. If you’re dining with your date make sure you check out the menu in advance, there's nothing worse than trying to get through a date whilst chomping through unappetizing food.

Prepare a list of topics to discuss

You arrived on time, already thought about what you’ll eat and drink and after the initial small chit chat your mind goes blank. So ermmm... errr... you want to get to know your date but how do you ask all those questions without it coming across as an interview?

Be smart about it and prepare a few fun ice breaker questions, you’ll be surprised what you learn about your date in the process. But, avoid it turning into an interview, read our blog Don't treat your date like a job interview and you'll be fine.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

Girls - Indulge in the latest fashion, but know what works for you and makes you feel confident. Draw inspiration from fashion trends, and think practical when choosing those 6 inch sexy heels, not the best option for sightseeing in London but spot on for the club scene.

Boys - Over the last decade men’s fashion has exploded, there is so much to choose from to create your own style. If you haven't worn that floral print shirt in a while then perhaps don’t bring it out on the first date, but you could add a touch of your personality with some funky socks. Whatever you choose keep it comfortable and be yourself.

Posted October 2016
(Updated April 2021)