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Fantastic dating ideas

Fantastic dating ideas

The traditional date conjures up images of the perfect romantic candlelit dinner, soft background music with the perfect food, but dates can get a little nervy at times, and things can get a little awkward, especially if it’s just you and them one on one in a quiet setting.

There are many ways to find out more about your date whilst having a fun time, take a look at the following dating ideas and suggestions, and see if any of them catch your eye.

Melas and music festivals

Melas and music festivals are an ideal opportunity to have a dance, listen to great music, and have a laugh. The variety and choice of festivals on offer every year get better and there are a few to choose from so you’ll be sure to find one close to you.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting allows you to soak up a bit of culture, plus it can be an interesting and enjoyable experience, and it will certainly help put you at ease with one another. There are many wine bars that offer great wine tasting evenings and so be sure to add this to your list of must-do date nights.

Chocolate tasting

Chocolate tasting is a great alternative if wine tasting isn’t your thing. Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate? Chocolate tasting is a very sophisticated and complex experience, and the foods you enjoy will certainly be like nothing you’ve tried before. It is believed that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, so it could very well put you in the mood for romance.

Countryside picnics

The country air is invigorating and relaxing, plus the peace and quiet provides a great way for you to ask and answer questions about yourself and your date. You can take in some stunning scenery and scenic views and enjoy a romantic picnic in the fresh air. For people who enjoy the great outdoors, taking your date on a walk in the countryside is a great idea and it could be just what you need to break the ice.

Firework displays

During the months of October, November and December you'll find lots of locally organised firework displays for Diwali, Bonfire and of course Christmas and New year. It's a great time to be out and enjoy the atmosphere, the street food and the amazing fireworks. Firework displays never last too long so you don't need to commit a whole evening, on the other hand if things are going well then you could squeeze in a cosy warm meal afterwards.

Historical UK

With over a 100 castles and beautiful heritage sites dotted around the UK why not share the experience of discovering them with your date. It's great fun to learn something new and even better to share that with someone.

Why not get a bit more adventurous and enjoy a row in Stratford upon Avon, home of Shakespeare, or punting in Cambridge. Enjoy a stroll in Cambridge, admire the beautiful buildings and architecture whilst soaking in the history of one of the world's most famous universities.

Posted July 2016
(Updated January 2018)