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Catching someones eye at a wedding

Meet the partner of your dreams

Summer is here! Trees and flowers are now in full bloom and so too is the wedding season. A wedding is a true celebration in every sense of the word.

Whilst all weddings are a celebration an Indian wedding is truly a spectacle. Whether you’re attending a Hindu or Sikh wedding it is very likely that you could meet potential new partners. If you’re looking for love and are attending a wedding in the coming months, here are some useful tips to help you strike up a sizzling hot conversation.

Relax and be yourself

One of the main reasons why people fail to make an impression on potential partners at weddings is perhaps they come on too strong and place too much pressure upon themselves. If you’re looking to meet somebody at a wedding, just try to relax, have fun and be yourself. Don’t think you have to tell lies to impress the person and try not to be too uptight.

Be confident

Confidence is a very attractive trait and some people are naturally more confident than others. So if you do approach somebody at a wedding or after party, try to be as confident as you can. Speak clearly, maintain eye contact and stand up straight to help ensure the conversation runs and flows smoothly.

Take pride in your appearance

Weddings in general are a great opportunity for people to get dressed up, but a Hindu or Sikh wedding takes things to a whole new level. The clothing is colourful, stylish and eye-catching, and it could help you to make a fantastic first impression on a potential partner.

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Posted June 2016