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A practical guide to dealing with a breakup

It's never easy coming out of a relationship

You've built a rapport and can start seeing a future with your other half, but sometimes it isn't meant to be and the relationship breaks down and ends.

It can be hard to keep positive and not let it affect you day to day. Read some practical tips to help ease post-breakup blues.

Me time

Distraction is key, to keep your mind occupied and stop you from inevitably overthinking why it ended and going through old messages and photos.

Depending on what keeps you distracted, exploring new books or watching old favourite TV shows on Netflix (Friends is always a good watch!). Turn your heartache into something creative, try writing or for something a little more hands-on try baking. Invest in yourself and get fit and strong, nothing beats the blues with a hit of endorphin after a good workout.

Social network

Your friends and family are your biggest support. Make plans with them to fill in the gaps especially when you know you'll be feeling lonely. They are there to distract you and keep you from thinking about your break-up.

Joining a group

There are plenty of apps for various activities and local groups to join, from yoga to photography or the gym. Exercise is known to help with depression, anxiety and stress so it's a good outlet to get rid of pent up feelings and releases chemicals in the brain to make you happier. If physical activity isn't your thing, join a group you always talked about but never got round to, such as a book or art club.

Avoid large family gatherings

The key to dealing with heartache is to not be reminded of it, which usually means avoiding large desi-family gatherings until you're ready. Your family will understand and it avoids having to speak about what happened, or worse, trying to avoid another introduction to the 'wonderfully smart, funny, well-educated and ready to settle down' single person they know.

Posted March 2018
(Updated April 2021)