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3 tips to focus your dating search

Get out what you put in

The saying goes "You only get out what you put in" and with so many dating apps to sign up to surely you'll get the most back.

But is that really the case, does quantity lead to quality and happiness? Or is it just stressful and ends up leading to more of the same disappointment.

In the good old days (pre-social media and mobile phones), setting up a date involved passing of messages through trusted allies, scheduling timed telephone calls and generally it was a sequential process, a 1 in 1 out kinda thing.

Currently, with so many dating apps it has to be better, right? The truth is, with so much choice it can be overwhelming. On the one hand the more apps you are using the more options and choice you should have, but this also creates more stress and results in poor quality profiles.

Why does it feel like so much hard work? There are so many ways to communicate and with so much choice we often resort to our tried and tested favourite few methods.

Declutter and focus your search

Mingle Guru has 3 simple tips to help declutter and focus your search for the perfect date.

  • Start by choosing dating sites that meet your overall requirements, this way a lot of filtering has already been done. For example Mingle Guru offers a niche service, the benefit is that you will only find British Indians and this already simplifies the search.

  • Your profile is the window to your personality. If you find it's hard work to complete a lengthy profile then stick to sites like Mingle Guru where only key information which is relevant to British Indians is included. It's much better to have a completed profile. A part-filled profile can be perceived negatively, such as you don't care or you don't have anything interesting to say about yourself. Either way it does not leave a good first impression.

  • Selecting a simple one tier pay-as-you-go subscription model, as offered by Mingle Guru, with no additional fees for premium services means that you can spend less and still get the maximum benefits.

Make your profile count

It takes less than 3 seconds to view and make a decision on a profile, don't fall into the dismissed pile.

A photo can say a lot about someone, but not everything and certainly not enough to justify a quick dismissal. Make that first impression count, write a great headline about yourself, carefully select a username. And when you only have to do this across a few dating sites you can take your time and make a high quality profile.

Whilst long term relationships are not for everyone, finding happiness however long it lasts is surely on the tick list for all.

With so many dating apps on the market, all promising to be better in some way than the app before, surely what really matters is the time it took to find the one.

Time well spent?

Add up all the hours spent on all the dating apps you've ever used and divide it by the number of happy relationships - was that time well spent? If not, then change your approach.

Has the path to finding and going on a date changed - yes absolutely, is it for better or for worse, well that depends on how much time is invested to find happiness.

Posted January 2020