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The changing face of dating over the decades

British Indians make up a vibrant and progressive part of the UK landscape and the dating and wedding sector has gone through significant changes.

You’ve heard it many times "it was very simple back then, the family arranged everything and it worked". However, times have changed and with change there is choice, but what to do with all the choice?

The face of Indian dating in the UK has evolved over the decades

We take a look back on the dating and marriage customs of the British Indian community highlighting the changes in behaviour and attitudes.

The Indian dating scene has evolved showing that we have come a long way from;

  • the 70's, when the customs from India were adopted and marriages were largely arranged by the family
  • the 80's, where introductions became more prominent which allowed more opportunities to have brief courtships
  • then in the 90's came the game changer, the mobile phone arrived so mobile numbers were passed around among 'aunties' who were keen to play Cupid for singletons
  • The 00's went dating crazy with the acceptance of online dating and the variety of singles events accessible through social networking
  • and finally here we are in the 10's with every permutation of dating possible but with so much choice comes the overwhelming job of making decisions

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Posted January 2017