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Is there ever a right age to get married?

Is there ever a right age to get married?

There are two right answers to this question; Yes and No, it just depends on your perspective.

Getting married is not a priority for everyone and yet for some being married is the most meaningful part of their life.

Whichever path you choose, the journey is full of highs and lows and along the way you will meet many characters, the Desi aunty is likely to be one of them.

Can you achieve the right happy balance?

Yes you can, and in your on time. Dating online or through introductions has its benefits and drawbacks, no one method is perfect.

This Desi Blitz article is great at highlighting the situation that many singles find themselves and explores the options you have to ensure you achieve the right happy balance for you.

Read it here, Being Indian, Single, over 35 AND not Married?

Posted April 2019