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Recovering from a breakup

So its over, you're officially single

No matter how it ended, the grieving process is different for everyone and until you're ready you probably haven't given much thought about when to get back out there to start dating again.

Well, there’s never a great time to officially start but here are some tips to get you going.

Are you ready to move on?

If you've de-cluttered your mind and life of all the sentimental memories and items that your ex-partner shared with you then you're definitely ready to let someone else fill that space.

You're in the right frame of mind to move on if you can speak about your ex-partner without feeling bitter and you can judge a person on their own merits without comparison.

Happy memories

No matter how badly the relationship ended, if you can look back on your time with your ex-partner and focus on what made you happy, then you have a great starting point for a new relationship.


Give yourself time to heal; taking it slow and engaging in some light hearted online chat can build your confidence.

Support network

It's easy to isolate yourself after a breakup and just want to wallow in the "why did it end" and overthink the decisions you've made. Other than time eventually healing all wounds, having a strong support network of friends and family is just as important. As hard as it can be to be around people and socialise, it's worth doing as it helps with the healing process and keeps you distracted from the heartache.

Posted March 2014
(Updated March 2018)