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Top online dating tips for men

Easy top-tips for online dating

If you are a single Indian man looking to meet a woman on Mingle Guru, try the following easy tips will help you get that date.

Stand out from the crowd

Try to create a unique profile and when you send messages, make them stand out from the other hundreds she will receive. Start with a catchy introduction and then talk about something you read in her profile. This will show her that you did indeed read her profile and that you took the time to find and make a connection.

Include a photo

Your profile photo is the best visual opportunity you have to show your personality and online dating is about that first visual connection so don't waste it. Women will tend to upload at least one fabulous photo of themselves and there’s nothing stopping you doing the same.

Broaden your search

Take a proactive approach with online dating. Rather than focus in on one person, send messages to several to help increase your chances of getting a response. While you want to keep your eyes on people that match your interests, be careful not to be overly selective.

Be patient

Don't allow yourself to become discouraged. Considering that women can receive many responses, she simply may not have the time to respond to all.

Read profiles

It seems obvious but take your time to read profiles that fall within your search criteria and don't be put off by a poor quality photo or a typo. Everyone is different and it's these differences that can sometimes lead to great dates. If at first you don't succeed, then try again.

Posted September 2012
(Updated May 2019)