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You have a date, that's amazing but what do you talk about!?

You've been looking forward to meeting your date and no doubt you'll have lots of questions you'll want to ask them. But a date is an opportunity to bond and explore what makes them tick without it coming across as an interview.

It's tempting to just run through your questions so we have a few tips on how best to phrase your questions and charm your date whilst still finding out what you want to know.

You'll have no doubt come across the common interview questions at some point in your career, and yes they are truly uninspiring and really don't let you show off your best attributes. In the same way dating, certainly in the early stages, is a bit like 'interviewing' to try and understand if your on the same page and want to explore the opportunity further.

Give our equivalent questions a try in your next date and explore our Fantastic dating Ideas blog to impress your date with something different.

Job interview questions

"Tell me a bit about yourself?"
I saw in your profile you're interested in (something you're curious about), how did you get into this?
"What previous experience in this role do you have?"
What's the most romantic gesture you've made?
"What do you hope to gain in this role?"
What's on your life bucket list, and how far are you in your list?
"Do you have anything you would like to disclose at this time?"
What would your best friend say about you that would make me blush?
"Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?"
If you could see into the future, where would you retire to, and what would you love to be doing?

Posted April 2018
(Updated April 2021)