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How to get a reply from your next date

Hi... please reply!

Mingle Guru is a trusted online British dating service so the good news is that the niche member profiles you'll come across with Mingle Guru will help you to make the right connections. It's great that you've found people that have caught your eye, and you can send them a Likey but

  • How do you take it beyond that?
  • How do you find out if they are really your type without filling in long questionnaires?

It starts with "Hi" but can quickly fizzle out so is there more you can do to keep the chatter going? Yes sure there is, although it's a common issue there is lots you can do about it.

What stops you from getting a reply?

Whilst some online daters are busy sending messages to each other daily and even hourly, the rest need some help.

Imagine you received a message that said "Hi", "Hey" or "Hello", what would be your response? Let's be honest, it's hard to think of a witty reply, which is probably why you may not get a response.

If you were introduced to a colleague at work, you might say "Hi, it's nice to meet you, I'm in marketing, where are you based and what do you do?". This gives your colleague a chance to learn something about you and respond to your question. It's the same when sending a message online, so we've got a simple framework that you can follow to make sure you get a response that can lead to more than online chatter.

Use our simple framework to help get your message across

Do Try

  • Try to introduce yourself briefly and ask a question which shows you have read their profile.

  • Make your message more interesting by saying what you’ve got planned, and ask if they have done something similar. For example what are you watching and ask if they are watching something they can recommend.

  • Try to arrange a time and place to meet if you find there is lots in common as a face to face conversation can give you a better sense of compatibility.


  • "Hi, how are you?" It’s boring and shows no effort so it's unlikely you'll get a response.

  • Intro messages like "Have you got plans tonight or this weekend?" do not say anything about you.

  • Avoid really long messages, if you say too much then it can be overwhelming and you may have to repeat it later.

Say more than "Hi"

Reap the benefits of a deeper connection by using our simple framework to get your message across.

Posted July 2017
(Updated April 2021)