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How to ensure a second date

Great first date...

So how do you ensure getting a second date and keeping up the momentum of a great first meeting?

Take the lead

If it’s going well then ask them out again at the end of the date based on something you've learnt; such as a restaurant serving their favourite cuisine.

The follow up

Nothing beats the next day follow up with a call or text to keep the memory of the first date alive. A simple "Thank you" with reference to a LOL conversation will show that your keen to proceed.

Be attentive

Focus on getting to know what makes your date tick. Ask open questions such as "when you were growing up what did you enjoy doing after school?" this gives them an opportunity to discuss their childhood.

Vary things

After the first few dinner dates try changing the pace by introducing them to an activity you enjoy, and read our Fantastic dating ideas for inspiration.


It's a fine balance to keep the mood light and conversations informative with a touch of seductive naughtiness running through. Confidence goes a long way to achieve this and is an attractive attribute, maintain the right level of confidence and you're on your way to set the next date.

Posted September 2013
(Updated July 2019)