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Find love through video-dating during lockdown


Before coronavirus, setting up a date on Mingle Guru was a few simple steps; sign up, subscribe, message potential matches and set a date to meet.

Now, in this lockdown era, there is the added excitement of video-dating. If you've never video-dated, you'll be surprised at how much fun it can be. Lockdown brings a whole new meaning to date night.

Online dating during the COVID-19 pandemic looks a bit different, bringing a shift in the way most of us date.

Meeting online is not new, but COVID-19 has brought about seismic changes in the dating scene. No more meeting up, at home, in restaurants, bars, coffee shops - basically no more in person dating. But as always where there's a will there's a way, and that way is video-dating.

Yes, that's right, set up short video-dates with those you are interested in. With so many free video calling platforms to choose from, you can still set up as many dates as you want in the comfort of your own space. When the time comes to meet in person you can be confident that there is a spark and it's worth your time to meet and get to know each other more.

Tips on how to get the most from your video-date


  • Maintain privacy, don't exchange personal contact when setting up video dates, use Mingle Guru's secure messaging platform to send the video-call dial in details.
  • Set your lighting up to make you look your best. Natural light is always most flattering, otherwise use a lamp to light up your room. It's a good idea to check how you look on your screen before you start the call.
  • Check your background too, only show on the screen what you are happy to share.
  • Don't stack up video-dates back to back, give yourself time to reflect and recharge before you jump onto another video-date call.

The video-date

  • Enjoy a few snacks and something to drink during the call, it will feel more relaxed and less like a work call.
  • Play music in the background but check that it doesn't interfere with the sound of your call, loud background noise can be distracting.
  • Not all dates give you that butterfly feeling, ending a date is one click away and less stressful.

Is video-dating the new norm?

Video-dating is the norm for now, so take advantage of saving time and money with video-dates.

The upside is you don't need to travel to meet your date and you don't have to spend money during your date.

Free video meeting services

Posted June 2020
(Updated April 2021)